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Who is VTG Mobile?

VTG Mobile is a full service Telecom Company.


Beginning in 2009, with its industry leading Voice Over Internet Protocol, VTG saw the revolution in Telecom that was to be the new “Gold Rush” of the 21st century. Switching over to the wireless arena, the company quickly became one of the nations leading Mobile Virtual Network Operators (“MVNO’s”) that purchases carrier services from the four major carriers (AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint) and resell plans to the prepaid cellular end-users under their own brand.

VTG has developed a scalable infrastructure by hiring customer service, sales and marketing teams to ensure that the company can handle its goal of one million subscribers within the next three years. According to industry standards, one million subscribers would make VTG a billion dollar player in the telecommunications arena. For example, Simple Mobile(tm), another MVNO, had 1 million subscribers at the time of its $2.1 billion acquisition.


VTG products and services are sold in thousands of cell phone retail locations nationwide. The Company is now aggressively promoting its prepaid phone plans in these brick and mortar locations and now leverages online retail stores to attract subscribers, all while creating brand name awareness and recognition. In view of this tremendous potential, there are significant financial opportunities for those who want to be part of the VTG family.

Fully Connected

We are one of only a few MVNO’s with contract agreements with all 4 major cell carriers in the U.S.- AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint and Verizon.

Bring your Device

We know you love your phone so we allow you to bring it along. Contact us to see if your phone qualifies

Stock your Store

Do you own an existing wireless business? Our products are currently sold in stores NATIONWIDE!

We donate!

We absolutely LOVE our military members – past, present and future. We donate 10% of NET revenues back to them!

Our Brands

Connected Magazine


With our Connected Magazine get your business seen by people in your neighborhood.


Connected Magazine specilizes in creative logo design, brochures, postcards, business cards and much more for your business.


Contact our sales department to be introduced to Connected Magazine or call our offices at 888-804-1448 for your personalized quote today.

Armed Forces Mobile


We established a non-profit association specifically for the purposes of giving back to our beloved members of the military.


Backed by our partners at T-Mobile, we’re able to deliver excellence in quality, service, coverage. Give your customers what they deserve.

Amazing Customer Service and Dealer Support

AF Mobile is sold in thousands of retail locations across the United States. Our dealers find we are a “breath of fresh air” in the industry.

Easy Choice Business Solutions


Our proprietary portal software was built from the ground up with growing prepaid telecommunications companies in mind.


You as a client enjoy a portal system that is completely customizable toward your brands look and feel. Our design and development team have you covered.


Every Easy Choice Business Solution installation is supported by the incredible development team who understand all aspects of our software.

Elder Phone


Elder Phone prides itself on providing affordable and reliable cellular service to customers who typically live on fixed incomes.


Our service run on one of the nations most trusted post paid cellular networks, a partnership that brings quality service to most GSM phones.


Every customer enjoys access to an advanced customer portal that’s designed to make managing single and multiple lines of service a breeze.

My Wireless Business


The cellular industry is experiencing a substantial shift of consumers – moving from traditional contract phone service to pre-paid mobile plans.


Your business gives you access to the most affordable but highly desired cell phone service plans on the market.

Works for you 24 / 7

This program produces income for you – regardless of your involvement – 24 hours a day – 7 days a week!


Operation Support Our Veterans is a non-profit organization that helps distressed veterans cope with the challenges that often result from returning to civilian life after military service. The organization provides financial support, resources, and education through various programs.

Your Opportunity to Participate in a Recession Proof Industry

Pew Research Says

The number of American Adults who own a smart phone0%
The % of cell phone users who use their phone to do online banking0%
Smartphones users who follow along with breaking news events0%
The % of cell phone users who can NOT live without their phone0%

More Research Indicates

World’s population over the age 6 will have a mobile phone by 20200%
Keep their phone with them during waking hours0%
People globally have slept holding their phones0%
Say that their cell phone makes them happy0%

Team Members

Errol A. “Tony” Smart – Chief Executive Officer

Tony Smart joined the Marine Corps in July, 1980 and was honorably discharged in August, 1991. Every rank Mr. Smart attained, from E-2/PFC to E-6/SSGT was through meritorious promotion, which is an accelerated promotion based on performance only. When entering the business world, Mr. Smart recognized that the highest paid employees were the people who drove company revenues. He thus started his 21 year career of stellar performance in sales and management. As the VP of sales for INFO 4 CARS, Mr. Smart helped earn the exclusive contract with Walmart and Sam’s Club. This program generated revenues in excess of $5 million per year through “Private Lot Events” across the nation.

Mr. Smart began to further develop his sales and marketing talents as the National Sales Director for an upstart independent yellow pages company called “Yellow Directory Fast Pages”. Taking the helm, he hired, trained, assisted, and motivated sales reps in achieving over $500,000 in sales in just eight months. Determined to maximize his success, in January of 2005 he stepped out on his own to launch “Your Community Yellow Pages and Community Discount Magazine”. His daily focus on hiring, training, and motivating the sales force resulted in sales of $1.5 Million in 2005, $3 Million in 2006, and $3.2 Million in 2007. His great success with this company captured the eye of “The Yellow Pages” and negotiations began for a multi-million dollar buyout of the company.

Calling on his past experience as a sales manager for MCI, Sprint and Broadwing Communications, major companies in the telecommunications industry; Mr. Smart saw the great opportunities afforded by the Telecom industry. He gathered up his talent resources and entered the telecom industry in 2008. Mr. Smart saw the impact that the recession had on the Yellow Page industry and decided that the best safety was afforded by the wireless industry, one of the top three recession proof businesses. The industry is seeing unprecedented growth and Mr. Smart found himself on the leading edge of companies capitalizing on “The Gold Rush”. His vision, experience, knowledge and leadership have been significant in building the network and the brand nationwide.

Debra Mercedez Smart – President

Debra Smart has over 25 years of marketing experience in various industries. Mrs. Smart launched Gemini Fashions where she designed and manufactured her own line of fashion. Her talents were recognized by other large corporations such as Pierre Cardin Swimwear, which subsequently retained her to develop products. Pierre Cardin appreciated the success of her work and included two other subsidiaries: Bare Essence and Misty. Despite the high demand of all the lines she was developing, she contracted for piece work for Liz Claiborne, Calvin Klein, Catalina and O.P.

Looking to expand her experience and deepen her understanding of international markets, Mrs. Smart moved to Milan, Italy, the center of European high fashion. While studying abroad, she worked for Belvis, a well-known and high end Company specializing in custom-made suits and cashmere and mohair outerwear. Her position exposed her integrating International operations of sales, management and design into the U.S. market. Upon her return to the U.S., Mrs. Smart took advantage of her broadened background to pursue a long-standing love – real estate. Her past experience in managing product lines enabled her great success in real estate investment. Her ability to efficiently rehab and renovate the properties within stringent budgets and to maintain strict turnaround times enabled her to realize significant profits above normal yields.

Mrs. Smart’s experience in product development, international operations, production scheduling, and creative design are of tremendous value to the Company as part of our marketing design, package layout, distribution, and operations.

Robert L. Feasel – Chief Operating Officer

Robert Feasel brings over 20 years of experience in computer technology, production operations, and day to day management duties. His value to the Company is multi-dimensional. Most important of his many contributions are his talents on an operational level that require implementation of marketing strategies including digital printing, variable data/printing, mass mailing operations, call center operations, and systems integration into operational design, wireless billing platforms, SMS technology and website design.

Additionally Mr. Feasel brings an expertise in computer software, hardware and IT services as well as day-to-day management of telephone operations, payroll, human resources, profit and loss, and account management. Mr. Feasel has been instrumental in setting up VoIP Tech Global Inc. and its subsidiary companies. Mr. Feasel’s ability to connect personally with all levels of management in the technology fields on a personal level provides him the opportunity to create valuable relationships that magnify the success of the strategies the Company employs. His vision, experience and knowledge have been a significant contribution to VTG Mobile initial start, and continuing growth.

John Robertson – Vice President

John Robertson has over twelve years of experience designing and implementing commercial service offerings based on customer needs. He is responsible for developing quantifiable value propositions to clients based on their individual needs and work to enhance and deliver meaningful data to increasingly sophisticated clients so that they can better manage their budgets and capital assets. He brings a unique strategic acumen to identify and plan for the capabilities and talent needed to support the Company’s aggressive growth rate. We take pride in his ability to interface with colleagues and customers at all levels, by virtue of professional competence, integrity and personal style.

Dominique Smart – CMO/Business Development

Dominique Smart is experienced in computer and administrative functions. She is proficient in Excel, PowerPoint, Word and certified in QuickBooks. Her attention to detail makes her a perfect fit for our customer service department. She brings a solid foundation to the Company on which to grow dealer support and network growth.

Andrew Panza – Corporate Sales Director

As the Corporate Sales Director for Connected Magazine, Andrew Panza brings over 10 years of sales management and training to our staff. He has built a client base that stretches from New York State to the Hawaiian Islands. With his dedication to always putting his customers first, he has had success in areas such as the cellular, automotive, and wholesale industries.  As a leader in both sales and with his staff, he prides himself on building rapport through honesty and hard work. His approach to creating Connected Magazine is ensuring that business done with him will always be beneficial for all parties involved. The understanding he has into how important advertising is for your business allows him to see the big picture and handle each business as if it was his own. With customer service at the forefront of his work, you can be sure that what matters to you will always matter to him.

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